What we stand for

We hear you, no one likes wasting money on bad wine…especially wine you don’t know, from boutique wineries you might not have heard of. The good news is we’re here to help!

Unovino (Uno= Number 1,Vino= Wine) was born out of a desire to offer all lovers of wine “an alternative way”. A place with a community ethos and where the emphasis is on the quality of the wine, not on the size of the discount!

On our site youwon'tfind wines that are:

  • Made up brands & labels
  • Characterless, produced for the masses
  • Mystery picks, hidden behind tissue paper
  • From lands located far far away

On our site youwillonly find wines that are:

  • Real brands & labels
  • From small parcels & single blocks, with minimal intervention - meaning they are the ultimate reflection of varietal and place (we call this small-batch)
  • Hand-crafted with care and patience by small-medium, Australian wineries only (we call it artisan winemaking)
  • Unique - hand selected from cellar door ranges, back vintages or made available as exclusives

The relationships we have with our trusted winery partners, means we are able to jointly and carefully select the best, knowing they represent outstanding quality and value for you (and hey, you’ll be helping to support a small local winery in the process!) Let us help you enjoy wine with confidence, anywhere…anytime.

The Unovino Team - for the love of wine