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In 1949 the first generation of Mitchell wine producers settled into a mix-use farm with a dairy, orchard and a small underdeveloped patch of vineyard. In 1975 second generation Mitchell winemaker Andrew took over the farm, establishing Mitchell Wines. The current custodians of the winery represent the third generation of Mitchells - The three children, Hilary, Angus and Edwina, with three vastly different personalities, followed in their parent's footsteps, travelling the world, learning and experiencing the different approaches to wine. After years of gaining experience across the globe, Hilary, Angus and Edwina have grown into their own distinct roles within the business, evolving Mitchell Wines into a new generation of winemaking

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Simon Pringle -Dedicated to preserving the natural characteristics of the fruit produced from these vines, promoting the rich flavours and vibrant energy that is present throughout the entire Mitchell Wines portfolio. While the outside blooms, Simon is quietly considering the best ways to present our wines for you to enjoy.

Viticulturalist Angus Mitchell,manages the vineyard organically with biodynamic composts being used and only rainwater for moisture.The winery is committed to implementing sustainable practices at every opportunity to ensure they continue growing and crafting Mitchell wines from the Clare Valley and surrounding regions for generations to come. The dry-grown vineyards ensure responsible water conservation while the removal of all artificial herbicides and pesticides ten years ago has encouraged biodiversity across the board. This resulted in rich soils and vineyards full of life.

The ultimate in winemaking & varietal expression

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100% family-owned for three successive generations

Mitchell Wines Vineyard Mitchell Wines Vineyard

To make great wine you need great vineyards...

Sevenhill Vineyard- Purchased in 1949 as the family farm, the vineyard was only established in 1982 high on the western hills of the Clare Valley. The vineyard surrounds the winery, cellar door and homestead. This vineyard is the home of the McNicol Shiraz and McNicol Riesling vines.

Alcatraz Vineyard- Planted in 1962, these old vines are grown on red loam over limestone soils. They enjoy the morning sun, yet sheltered from the direct sun in the heat of the day. Varietals grown there are Riesling, Shiraz and Semillon.

Growers Vineyard- Established in 1960 in the Watervale region of the Clare Valley. This site is perfect for Riesling and Semillon.